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Guess Themp4 UPD

When I upload a .webm as a background video element on my page, it looks like Webflow creates a .mp4 and .webm asset. My guess is that somehow the browser is supposed to decide which one to load, but I can only ever see it loading .mp4 (using chrome 107). What is the point of being able to upload .webm if .mp4 is always served? I would love to use .webm as the background video. Or am I just not reading the Chrome dev tools correctly?

Guess Themp4

GIMP has a very basic support of animation playback, in the form ofdisplaying and masking layers or adding them on each other. Given the look ofthis web page, you can guess that the support for animations is not a prioritynor has seen big changes in the last years:

I would like to convert mp4 files to mp3, is it possible with this software?Also, when I tried to make this conversion, the software did not ask me where to save the converted files (in my case did not convert anything, I guess) and what format did I prefer, it just started converting, but later I could not find the file....Do the converted files save in a specific folder? where?I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x32bits

Hello,I have found a solution to this.Once your interactive PDF is published, open it with Adobe Acrobat pro, right click on the video then 'propriétés' in French, so i guess it will be 'properties' in English, and here you can modify the controller feature under the second tab which is named 'commandes' in French. (See screenshot attached). There are even more features than there used to be in the inDesign panel. Some are very interesting, like stopping the video when changing the page, color of the controllers etc :) 041b061a72

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