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Where Can I Buy Directv Equipment

Best Buy and DirecTV are facing a class action lawsuit alleging they were charged exorbitant fees when they tried to return DirecTV equipment they thought they had purchased, but found out they had only leased.

where can i buy directv equipment


If you try to return DirecTV equipment after canceling, the Best Buy class action lawsuit alleges you will be on the hook for a $150 non-activation fee if you do not activate service under the lease agreement and for penalties of anywhere from $55 to $470 if you terminate service, but keep the DirecTV equipment. These fees are in addition to the monthly lease fees that are around $5.

Best Buy is primarily a retailer of goods and services, not a well-known leasing company. The plaintiffs argue that anyone exchanging money for equipment at Best Buy would reasonably presume they were purchasing the equipment, not leasing it.

According to the DirecTV lawsuit, consumers previously were able to purchase DirecTV equipment at Best Buy until March 1, 2006, which is when Best Buy and DirecTV changed the terms of the agreement to a lease instead of purchase transaction. The very real difference in the terms of the agreement allegedly were not properly disclosed.

Consumers paid virtually the same price for purchasing the equipment prior to March 1, 2006 that they paid to lease the same equipment after March 1, 2006. Prices ranged from $99 to $499 for the privilege of leasing the identical equipment that was previously bought outright for the same price.

If you were a Best Buy customer who paid for a DirecTV receiver and/or DVR and later discovered you were leasing the equipment instead of buying it, you may wish to file a Best Buy and DirecTV class action lawsuit, especially if DirecTV tried to charge you even more money for attempting to return DirecTV equipment.

If you paid for a DirecTV receiver or DVR from Best Buy only to find out that you leased the DirecTV equipment instead of buying it, you may qualify to join a free Best Buy DirecTV receivers class action lawsuit investigation.

On May 18, 2014, AT&T announced that it would purchase DirecTV.[54][55] In the deal, which had been approved by boards of both companies, DirecTV stockholders received $95 a share in cash and stock, valuing the deal at $48.5 billion. Including assumed debt, the total purchase price was about $67.1 billion. The deal was aimed at increasing AT&T's market share in the pay-TV sector; its existing U-verse brand had modest market share (5.7 million users compared to DirecTV's 20 million US customers as of 2014) and operates in only 22 states. It also gave AT&T access to fast-growing Latin American markets, where DirecTV has 18 million subscribers.

At an analyst meeting in August 2015, AT&T announced plans to converge DirecTV and its IPTV-based U-verse service around a common "home entertainment gateway" platform based upon DirecTV hardware, with "very thin hardware profiles". AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services CEO John Stankey explained that the new platform would offer "single truck roll installation for multiple products, live local streaming, improved content portability, over-the-top integration for mobile broadband, and user interface re-engineering. All of these are steps that are planned to deliver that premium effortless entertainment experience anywhere."[60][61][62]

On March 4, 2020, AT&T announced its intent to perform major cost-cutting moves, including cuts to capital investment, and plans to promote AT&T TV (which officially launched nationally on March 2) as its primary pay television service offering. AT&T will still promote DirecTV "where cable broadband is not prevalent", and as a specialty option.[85] Also, the sale of the divisions and subsidiaries, except Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment,[86] including DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, AT&T TV, Xandr, and Crunchyroll were proposed. The other subsidiaries are still receiving bids as of September 1, 2020[update].

To handle the proliferation of bandwidth-intensive HDTV broadcasting, DirecTV rebroadcasts local HDTV stations using the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec while employing a newer transmission protocol (DVB-S2) over the newer satellites. This allows DirecTV to squeeze much more HD programming over its satellite signal than was previously feasible using the older MPEG-2 compression and DSS protocol it has been using. This technology will be gradually expanded to the existing satellites as customer equipment is replaced with new MPEG-4-capable receivers.

Beginning in 2021, DirecTV became an exclusive provider of ESPN+ for Business to business customers, such as bars, restaurants and casinos, which carries limited live sporting events that are otherwise streamed on a consumer account. That package is sold by Joe Hand Promotions.[112] On August 23, 2022, Amazon and DirecTV entered into a multi-year carriage agreement to broadcast Thursday Night Football only to business customers at no extra cost.[113] The licensing terms for the streaming providers such as ESPN+ and Amazon Prime Video prohibit commercial use on television displays in commercial establishments where the business makes money, so DirecTV and Joe Hand have been the solution for commercial establishments with the satellite signal and commercial license agreement. is the only authorized DirecTV reseller offering upgrades and warranties on DirecTV TiVo HD DVRs in-house.These units are for DirecTV only. If you don't have DirecTV, please see the Series 4 TiVo for Cable and Antenna page.Please note that DirecTV generally considers all new equipmentactivated after March, 2006 to be leased equipment.Please see our THR22 accessories page.Already have a THR22? See our THR22 Upgrade page.Need a new dish and installation? Clickhere. Have questions about the THR22 HD TiVo for DIRECTV? SEEOUR THR22 FAQ TiVo WizardLet our Wizard connect you with what you need!

DIRECTV equipment is available for the various services the company offers. The company, which serves customers in all states in the US, in Latin America, and Caribbeans offers a wide range of services that may differ from one area to the next. The availability of any of its products depends on the subscription offerings available locally. However, with a wide range of services including high quality satellite TV, joined with the AT&T's high speed Internet, digital voice, and wireless, the company's equipment range is significant.

DIRECTV equipment is some of the most advanced available. The company also offers additional features through its Genie receiver. This includes the ability to set the DVR from any location including a phone, tablet, laptop or other device with Internet connectivity. The HD quality is exceptional. The company's HD offerings include over 190 full time channels. DIRECTV Cinema is also a nice benefit because of its 1080p resolution. Users also have access to Pandora radio, various TV apps, NFL fantasy league access and much more.

In addition to the DIRECTV equipment listed here, the company also offers Genie GO service and Connect to the Internet options. The services and the equipment available in any area can differ from another area due to the amount and type of connectivity possible. However, the company's numerous features and modern, up to date equipment ensures that users can watch, record, and view TV in their own way and at their own time. Equipment upgrades continue to happen, too, ensuring users always have the best access to their programming.

*Requires antenna and receiver purchase. Monthly fees and limits on number and type of receivers will apply. All prices, packages, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice. All charges, including monthly programming, pay-per-view and equipment upgrades, must be paid in advance; failure to pay by due date will lead to service disconnection within 24 hours. Offer available for new and qualified former customers. Offer ends 7/14/2021. Additional restrictions may apply.

Setting up your portable satellite dish can be time consuming, depending on your location and the equipment you have. For best results, follow these directions for DISH tailgating setup. These instructions also tell you how to hook up a portable satellite dish to an RV.

NEW subscribers: Once you receive your receiver1, contact KVH's DIRECTV Activation Team at 1-866-551-8004 or email to set up your new DIRECTV account and get assistance with activation.

TV where you want it, when you want it. From fully automatic multi-satellite systems mounted on the roof of your RV to a manual dish and tripod, Winegard has the perfect satellite solution for any situation. The Winegard DIRECTV Slimline is the only automatic antenna to offer complete DIRECTV HD.

1. Avoid Packing anything. Just take your unboxed equipment and 9-digit account number to your nearest FedEx or UPS Store.2. FedEx Office or The UPS Store will pack and ship your equipment back to DirecTV at no additional cost to you.3. They will give you a receipt that confirms your return and informs the service provider that the equipment is on its way.

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