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Ending Aging Aubrey De Grey Pdf 33

Funding gap and counterfactual impact: SRF spending has been between three and five million dollars since 2012. Aubrey de Grey has stated in different interviews that SRF would need more than ten times this amount before experiencing significant diminishing returns. It's unlikely that someone will step in and close the gap any time soon, given the slow increase in funding. Dr. de Grey estimates that $2.50 would prevent one death from aging, granting 1000 QALYs (QALYs estimate mine). This stance should be further analyzed in the interview.

ending aging aubrey de grey pdf 33

[with the super-successful people, the value prop SHOULD be easy - you WANT them to remain FUCKING AWESOME for another 10-20 years, which EVEN MATTERS for the deathists among them - given how rare people like Musk and Bezos and Gates are, spending 30% of their net worth to stay healthy enough to be awesome for another 10-20 years [which obvs demands some level of anti-aging intervention/regenerative medicine] IS worth it [and may be SINGULARLY important for the future trajectory of humanity - esp b/c politics/western democracy has degenerated to the point where people are more likely to trust certain big business leaders than any other group of people, AND they have more ability/agility to shape its long-term trajectory than anyone else at the moment, even the dictators that the deathists often worry about [1], whether or not they want to live forever, because you really can't replicate someone like Gates/Musk/Bezos/whatever].

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