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Eyelashes Sims 4 Download

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Eyelashes Sims 4 Download

You can see in this screenshot the difference between no EA eyelashes and a regular sim with the same face, and it looks pretty weird when they have no eyelashes but it will allow you to use cc eyelashes to make your sims gorgeous.

Some of the most popular types of custom content eyelashes are the 3D Eyelashes by Kijiko. These eyelashes are used by thousands of simmers who want to have a more realistic type of sims 4 cc eyelashes while still having a ton of options.

These eyelashes are nice and long, making them look dramatic but not unnatural so they work for just about everyone in your household. They look awesome on all eye shapes and face shapes, and have options for both feminine and masculine sims.

These are great lashes because they can sit closer to your sims face compared to 3D lashes, which makes them less dramatic but still looking pretty gorgeous. This is nice because you get 5 versions of an eyelash, instead of just one making it easier to find things in CAS.

The third version of the Bobur 2D Eyelashes are another great option for a simple eyelash. These are a bit more dramatic than the lash two, with a pretty long lower lash which is a great look for most sims.

These 3D Eyelashes by Players Wonderland give you 9 swatches of interesting choices for your sims. Eyelash packs that give you so many options are some of my favorites because it allows you to download one pack, and have tons of choice to create tons of interesting vibes for your sims.

As you can see, the different types of lashes have such different vibes from wispy eyelashes that seem to be the norm. These would look great for teenage sims and young adults who are learning who they are.

These Natural Lashes by PralineSims are very gorgeous and add an interesting detail with a smalll ine of eyeliner in the lower lash line making your sims eyes look more dramatic and really draw you in.

These Dawn & Sunset Eyelashes are a great option that even look great over the EA eyelashes as you can see. They are nice and simple on the bottom, making them look like a real lash with just a bit of mascara but still dramatic up top.

These Mara Eyelashes by Pralinesims are a really great option that come in 5 different colors and 3 different types of eyelash. These are awesome because they look just like someone who is wearing mascara would look like, making them extremely realistic and gorgeous.

You can also add lashes like this to a more simple eyeshadow look so that the eyelashes are the star of the show. Absolutely great for formal looks to make you sims the most gorgeous person in the room.

These Noon Lashes by Vampire Aninyosaloh are a great option for your masculine sims because they are much shorter and definitely not dramatic. These lashes are great for natural looks or your swimwear outfits instead of being a great option for a formal outfit.

These Ruby 3D Lashes by Screaming Mustard are a great option for a false lash vibe that will leave your sims looking so pretty. There are different lengths and fullness levels to let you have a ton of options to make the sims look different while using one lash file.

The Norah Eyeliner and Eyelashes by PralineSims are a great option because they come with an eyeliner that suits them perfectly. If you pair the eyeliner with the eyelashes they make a perfect pair but you also have the option to use just the top lashes, just the bottom lashes, or just the eyeliner.

These are probably the most fun sims 4 cc eyelashes on this list because they are so stylized for Halloween. There are a bunch of fun looks with these where you can make your sim literally have a spider web on their eyelid which is extremely adorable.

Just imagine your sims walking with their toddler while they wear their custom toddler costume and are just hanging out on halloween and your sim has these amazing eyelashes. It would just be so cute!

These next eyelashes are great because they have three different strengths, this means you can do a top eyelash, a bottom eyelash or decide to go with both. They have a ton of volume even though they have more of a 2D look.

Most of the sims 4 cc eyelashes on this list are very feminine focused but your masculine sims deserve fun eyelashes too. These eyelashes are great because they come with different swatches for different levels of fullness and more interesting shapes and sizes.

These next sims 4 cc eyelashes are so interesting because they come in both black and white so you can truly customize your look further. The shapes of these are interesting too with the lashes being far apart and in different angles and shapes.

These next eyelashes come with eyeliner options too that work perfectly with them as a set which is amazing. These look great and can have a decently dramatic cat eye look that is perfect for a formal outfit or to wear on a fun date.

These next eyelashes are going to be located with skin details and are a really great look especially when paired with different kinds of makeup. These have some medium sized lower lashes and a nice dramatic lash without it being too overpowering.

These destiny eyelashes are such a great look and different than many of the others because of their very intense lower lash line. Even with the least intense version of these eyelashes there are pretty long lower lashes which is definitely a unique look.

If you really want to make your sims look more attractive, the best thing you can do is to add sims 4 cc eyelashes. These are game changing when it comes to custom content because you can finally make them look more realistic instead of having those chunky EA eyelashes that are just the worst. These completely change the look of your sims and make you love creating characters that much more. Happy Playing!

Beauty is the key element for many sims 4 gamers. People spend a lot of time choosing their eyelashes that look thick, dark and appears to be more alluring. It makes sense because eyelashes serve a greater purpose beyond just highlighting your beauty. So, this post covers all your related topics related to Sims 4 custom content eyelashes and how to use it.

3D eyelashes are more color vivid than the original once. There are a lot of custom eyelashes available on the internet. But my favorite one is 3D lashes by Kijiko. These eyelashes are great for Teen, Toddlers, Adult, and Elders. They come in various sizes and colors. You can easily change the from the lashes Accessories category.

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