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The dashboard for LogMeOnce started judging me right away. On the left were eight icons for features I could delve into, such as the Password Manager, wallet, scorecard, notes, and Dark Web Monitoring. On the right was my Identity Risk Scorecard with an F in the middle of a pie chart with all my bad password infractions. Later I discovered the right-hand column switches between the ID Risk Scorecard and a Daily Journal full of password fails and successes.

I tested LogMeOnce on my Twitter password. No icon popped up to let me know if LogMeOnce was on the case, only the normal keychain over the keyboard. I clicked it and LogMeOnce took over. It asked for a pin or a fingerprint for one touch access. This offered a list of possible Twitter accounts (I have three, after all) and I picked the right one and was able to log in.

LogMeOnce is highly secure and full of options, but if you just need a regular set of features on something that's easier to use, we recommend checking out LastPass or one of the other products on our list of best password managers.

With one of the best password managers, you can easily store all of your passwords securely in one place for easy access. Instead of having to remember dozens of long, complex passwords or even worse, relying on a few passwords you reuse across multiple sites (certainly not recommended), you have a single master password which can unlock the credentials for all of your online accounts.

It also has a secure data-sharing service called Psst! (opens in new tab) that lets 1Password users send a temporary link to anyone to share information, such as a password, that has already been saved in 1Password. The recipient does not need to be a 1Password subscriber.

Dashlane matches LastPass, 1Password and Keeper in platform support and has very good desktop software. Its killer feature remains a bulk password changer that can reset hundreds of passwords at once.

The password manager is well designed, easy to use and excellent at filling out your personal information in online forms. A scanner goes through your email inbox to find online accounts you may have forgotten about.

To make it easier to securely share confidential information with friends, family and co-workers, Keeper has added One-Time Share to its password manager. This feature lets users share links that can only be used on one device and automatically expire at a time of your choosing. Even if you forget to un-share something, it expires automatically and the recipient's access is removed.

Launched in 2016, Bitwarden has soared into ranks of the top password managers with its low prices, attractive design and full-featured free tier. Now that LastPass has hobbled its own free service, Bitwarden is the best option for anyone who wants to sync all their logins across all their devices without paying a dime.

Meanwhile, Bitwarden's $10-per-year paid version has most of the features you'd find with LastPass, Keeper or 1Password, though it can be a bit counter-intuitive to use. The plan for families is also a steal at $40 per year for up to six people. Privacy geeks will appreciate that Bitwarden gives you the option of setting up your own server to sync your passwords.

LastPass remains on our list of the best password managers despite its recent security issues due to its ease of use, support for all major platforms and its wide range of features, even though its once-excellent free tier has been greatly diminished.

NordPass comes from the security-conscious folks at NordVPN and offers all the password-manager basics, even on its free tier. It's also got a simple, consistent design that's easy to navigate and use and biometric login support for desktop apps.

The bigger downside is that NordPass Premium costs $60 per year for a single user, nearly twice as much as what better-known password managers charge, even though NordPass still lacks some extra bells and whistles those brands offer. You'll want to keep an eye out for freque

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