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Chisato Moritaka - The Singles 2012 FLAC

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Chisato Moritaka - The Singles 2012 FLAC

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Chisato Moritaka - The Singles 2012 FLAC: A Collection of Her Best Hits from 1987 to 1999

Chisato Moritaka is a Japanese singer-songwriter and actress who debuted in 1987 with the single "NEW SEASON". She is known for her energetic pop-rock songs, her self-written lyrics, and her multi-instrumental skills. She retired from the music industry in 1999, but returned in 2007 with a new album and a series of concerts.

In 2012, she released two remastered compilation albums titled "The Singles 1987-1992" and "The Singles 1993-1999", which contain all of her singles from her debut to her retirement. The albums also include some rare tracks, such as single versions, remixes, and live recordings. The albums are available in CD and FLAC formats, which offer high-quality sound for audiophiles.

"The Singles 2012 FLAC" is a digital download that combines both albums into one package. It contains 54 tracks that span over four hours of music. It covers Moritaka's musical evolution from her cute idol pop songs to her mature rock tunes. It showcases her versatility as a singer, songwriter, and musician. It also features some of her most popular and memorable songs, such as "Watarasebashi", "La La Sunshine", "Watashi no Natsu", and "Kibun Sokai".

If you are a fan of Chisato Moritaka, or if you want to discover one of the most talented and influential female artists in Japanese pop-rock history, you should not miss this opportunity to get "The Singles 2012 FLAC". You can download it from the Internet Archive[^1^] or other online sources[^2^]. You will not regret it!Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

Moritaka was born in Ibaraki, Osaka, but grew up in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Her father was a member of a rockabilly band and her mother was a former actress. She developed an interest in music from an early age and learned to play various instruments, such as drums, guitar, piano, recorder, accordion, and clarinet. She also wrote her own lyrics and composed some of her songs. [^1^] [^4^]

She entered the entertainment industry in 1986 when she won the Pocari Sweat Image Girl Contest. She appeared in several commercials and TV shows with Shigesato Itoi, who was one of the judges of the contest. She also starred in a movie called Aitsu ni Koishite in 1987. [^1^] [^3^]

She retired from music in 1999 after releasing her 13th studio album Harvest Time, which was a commercial failure. She married actor Yosuke Eguchi in the same year and gave birth to two children. She focused on her family life for several years, but returned to music in 2007 with a new album called Do The Best. She also resumed her live performances and released more albums and singles in the following years. [^2^] [^4^]Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

Moritaka achieved remarkable success in her music career, selling over 6.4 million singles and 5.2 million albums from 1987 to 1999. She had 12 consecutive Top Five albums and 19 Top Ten singles. She also won several awards, such as the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist in 1987, the Japan Gold Disc Award for Best Female Pop Artist in 1990 and 1991, and the Japan Cable Award for Best Female Singer in 1993. [^1^]

Moritaka was also known for her energetic and creative live performances, which often featured her playing various instruments, dancing, and interacting with the audience. She held several nationwide tours and performed at famous venues such as Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Dome, and Yokohama Arena. She also released several live albums and videos that captured her stage presence and charisma. [^1^]

Moritaka is widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential female artists in Japanese pop-rock history. She inspired many other singers and musicians with her style, skills, and personality. She is also respected for her longevity and versat

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