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Divine Bass II For SubLab-R2R PATCHED

It consists of three main sound engines: Sampler, Sub oscillator, and X-Sub. It has an expansive soundbank, with nine signature bass packs by Richie Souf, This Hits Hard, Sean Divine, Traptendo, and Analog Machines, and bass packs like Crushed and Reese Subs.

Divine Bass II for SubLab-R2R

The sampler, sub-oscillator, and oscillators compensate for a full and fat 808 sound. Overall the plugin has everything you need to create and sculpt great sounding 808 bass sounds. The 808 studio 2 is a better and more comprehensive alternative than an 808 sample, with more flexibility and control.

The interface is resizeable, and you can use the sidechain feature to duck the bass down whenever a kick is triggered. Lastly, the built-in step sequencer and the 5-effect effect rack are also worth mentioning about the plugin.

Diginoiz is known for its sample packs and loops, and it has gathered all that knowledge to create Subdivine, a virtual bass instrument, which is great for professionals and beginners both. It has collected bass and 808 samples of great resolution and quality and put them together in this instrument, which will suit the modern bass production requirements for a huge range of electronic genres.

The plugin is available in AU and VST versions, compatible with DAWs like Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Abelton, Studio One, etc., and requires about 1.5 GB of hard disk space. The minimum operating system requirement of Subdivine is macOS 10.12 or Windows 7.

The plugin contains 15 factory presets for fat and gritty 808 bass sounds. It has a simple and intuitive interface and few controls like glide time, LFO modulations, Amplitude envelope/ADSR, filter cutoff frequency, and effects like distortion and chorus. However, in the paid version, there are 338 sounds instead of 15, but you get access to all controllers in the free version.

The plugin is available in AU and VST versions and requires 8 GB of RAM and 150 MB of free hard disk space. The minimum operating system requirement of Subdivine is macOS 10.12 or Windows 7.

The company recorded samples from the classic Roland drum machine and included 2134 samples in this virtual instrument. It has drum sounds like a bass drum, snare drum, low tom, mid tom, hi tom, conga, clap, cowbell, etc., with each sound having its own horizontal strip, along with access to controlling the level, accent, pan, tuning, and other characteristics of the sound.

We have listed the best free and paid 808 plugins, some of which are sample instruments, some Kontakt instruments, and some synth plugins. Some give you the classic 808 drum machine sound from the 80s, and some give you the modern 808 bass version. Some plugins are just for processing, while others are instruments.

Cymatics Diable, Cymatics Vortex, Chop Suey, and SubBass Doctor are appropriate for sound shaping and mixing! SubBasss Doctor is perfect for a clean low end, and Chop Suey is perfect for an in-depth sound design of your 808. The best free 808 plugins are Matt Tytel Helm, Sampleson SUB, MonsterDAW Monster Bass, and Subdivine Lite.

Trap music is a beat-heavy genre with intricate high-hat and bass patterns with multiple sounds playing in coordination. And to create these complicated beats, UJAM BEATMAKER GLORY gives you all the right tools. 60 presets and 20 styles, 10drum kits with 460 pre-made patterns, MIDI controls, and emphasis on bass tuning.

The bass and sub-bass are essential in the trap music genre, and the SubLab by Future Audio Workshop is an efficient Bass shaping tool. This plugin allows the user to sample kicks and basses for trap production in a few simple steps and provides hands-on control over sound design, compression, distortion, filtering, and much more.

808 Studio is a synth bass plugin that features an effects rack full of sound design tools such as EQs, compressors, and distortion. The plugin enables you to draw your tunes in the sequencer much similar to a DAW, and you can also use the plugin to trigger ready-made melodies on command.

The plugin has free presets loaded with 808s and bass sounds. The plugin was initially intended to create electronic music, but the plugin features make it worthwhile for any bass-heavy genre.

808 bass module by Electronik Sound Lab is helpful as a sub-bass and 808 instruments plugin. This plugin enables you to get the juicy low-end that a trap beat requires. The plugin is useful for electronic, hip-hop, and Trap producers. You can utilize and reshape the quality sounds in its library for the best 808s and low-frequency instruments.

Subdivine Lite has one job: to provide you with a library of six 808s and sub-basses with enough distortion for your gritty trap beat. The plugin provides you with limited but useful features that you can use for your trap beats.

The HUM808 by Callybeats is a great drum and bass instrument plugin with multiple sound design features such as oscillators, ADSR, EQ, and 162 presets and sounds. This plugin equips you with all a trap producer needs, the right sounds, and the efficient tools.

The 808 Machine by Pyrit is a sub-bass 808-style plugin with sounds that will change your trap beats. With this plugin, you can create modern trap beats that contain modern trap 808s and synth basses. You can customize your sounds with the many helpful design tools provided by Pyrit, and you can also process these 808sthrough your DAW.

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