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Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers

ADELE 21 Deluxe Edition Bonus CD 320 101 __HOT__

The standard edition of Midnights consists of thirteen tracks. The deluxe CD adds three bonus songs, of which two are remixes, while Midnights (3am Edition), available only on music streaming platforms, adds seven other bonus tracks. Six of the album's tracks are labelled explicit. Del Rey provides guest vocals on the fourth track, "Snow on the Beach".[24][25]

ADELE 21 Deluxe Edition Bonus CD 320 101

The first bonus track, "The Great War", evokes battle imagery to show the easiness two people in a relationship can find themselves in a conflict, while also paying tribute to a partner who puts a stop to one's own destructive tendencies.[60] In the ballad "Bigger Than the Whole Sky", Swift sings about the grief after the loss of a loved one; it was compared to "Ronan", which was written about the death of a young boy to cancer days before his fourth birthday.[61] "Paris" is an upbeat, synth-heavy[62] pop track, reminiscent of her style in 1989.[63] "High Infidelity" employs audio distortions as a metaphor for a bad connection in a relationship between musicians.[64] "Glitch" is an electronica song,[65] about "malfunctioning" from lust. It features octave shifts in the chorus.[63] In "Would've, Could've, Should've", Swift expresses regret over entering into a relationship with a "grown" man when she was 19, his treatment of her, and the persisting emotional trauma.[63][65] "Dear Reader" is an electro-pop tune[62] about Swift's concern over her listeners regarding her music as the "guiding light".[63] In the deluxe track "Hits Different", Swift pictures her former partner with someone else, while reflecting on their own time together.[66]

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