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Next - Too Close (Official Music Video) \/\/FREE\\\\

The band traveled to New York City to film the music video, and whilst there, they witnessed the attacks on the World Trade Center. The following month, Blue were being interviewed by British newspaper The Sun and singer Lee Ryan commented that "This New York thing is being blown out of proportion" and asked "What about whales? They are ignoring animals that are more important. Animals need saving and that's more important." The other members of the band tried to silence Ryan, but he went on.[42] After The Sun quoted Ryan as saying "Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are being killed?", this caused a huge media backlash that resulted in Blue losing their U.S. record deal and campaigns to sack Ryan from the group.[43]

Next - Too Close (Official Music Video)

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In 2015, the song regained attention through the popularity of the internet meme, "Why You Always Lying" by Nicholas Fraser. The parody gained fame within social media (most notably Vine and Twitter) because of the comically poor production quality and relatable theme. Replacing the line "Baby when we're grinding" with "Why the fuck you lying," and similarly for following phrases, the song initially referenced an untrustworthy girl who failed to keep her promise of hooking him up with her cute friend. Currently, the original Vine has been viewed over 76.1 million times,[68] and has been extended into a full music video for YouTube, which has gained over 29 million views as of November 2020.[69] Fraser also performed the parody along with the former Next member RL on the MTV2 show Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne.[70][71]

On August 29th, 2015, Viner[9] Nicholas Fraser uploaded a short clip titled "That one person that's sways lying on what they own"[1], featuring himself listening to another person telling a lie. The clip then cut to Fraser, dancing in a backyard while singing "Why the fuck you lyin'?" to the tune of the 1997 single "Too Close" from the American R&B band Next. Fraser also uploaded the clip simultaneously to his YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts.[3] That day, the video was reposted to YouTube, where it gained over 3.5 million views and 2,100 comments over the next two years (reupload shown below).

The following day, on August 30th, Fraser re-posted the music portion of the clip to Vine[2], titled "When she say [sic] she got a cute friend for you.". In early September, several news sites published articles about the viral video, including BuzzFeed,[5] The Guardian,[6] and Complex.[7] On September 14th, Fraser uploaded the full length music video for the cover song, which received more than 23 million views and 28,300 comments over the next two years (shown below).

Ruff Endz members David Chance and Dante Jordan have reunited and released Soul Brothers album in 2018. They are independent, writing, recording and producing all their own music. Currently working on videos for songs on the Soul Brothers album. Awesome project !!!!!! 041b061a72

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