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"Download Pan Pipes Magic __HOT__

Activating the pipes requires a DC 15 Perform (wind instruments) check. Creatures within 30 feet gain a +2 competence bonus on caster level checks to dispel magical effects and overcome spell resistance. Maintaining the performance is challenging, requiring a move action and a new Perform check each round, with the DC increasing by +1 for each round the instrument is played. The magic ends when the player voluntarily stops or fails the Perform check, after which the pipes cannot be used again for 1 hour.

"Download Pan Pipes Magic

"For God's sake, man," cried he, "cork that magic bottle of yours,before all the oxygen-genii escape, or you'll have us both under thetable! And, see here," he added, pulling out his check-book, while Flintstared in amazed disgust. "Here, take a blank check." He took hisfountain pen and scrawled his name on one. "The amount? That's up toyou. Now, let us out," he bade, as Herzog stood there regarding thecheck with entire uncomprehension. "Out, I say, before I getextravagant!"

"Don't be flippant, Wally. This is a serious business and must betreated as such. In addition to the respiratory service, we can put inwater-cooling and refrigerating services, at low cost, also cold-pipesfor cooling houses in summer. In fine, we can immeasurably add to thehealth and comfort of the better classes; and can at last have everybodyusing our gas, which, registering through our own sealed meters, willflood us with wealth so vast as to make that of these Standard Oilpifflers look like the proverbial thirty cents!"

"Fine!" exclaimed Waldron, nodding approval. "Also, any time anyrebellion develops we can merely shut off the supply in that quarter,and quickly reduce it. Or, again, we can increase the potency of thegas, and fairly intoxicate the people, till they stand for anything.Just fancy, now, our pipes connected with the sacred Halls of Congressand with the White House! Even if any difficulty could possibly beexpected from these sources, just imagine how quickly we could nip it inthe bud!" 041b061a72

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